The best security training solution for government compliance

Virtual Security Training offers the fastest and easiest security training solution for your company

  • We educate our clients on security risks and how they impact national security.
  • We eliminate the need to send your employees hundreds of miles away to attend training.
  • All training course materials are written by Joe Jessop, original JPAS Steering Committee Member and Chair of NCMS Education and Training Committee.
  • Our training courses come with printable handouts, high quality videos and a support line connecting you directly with a certified, experienced security expert.
  • A full reporting system allows you to print out employee certificates and track employee progress. Certificates vastly improve the visibility of the training your employees have, especially useful during DCSA inspection.
  • We also provide the service of account creation and management so your company can easily enroll and manage its employees.
  • Instead of the FSO spending time creating training, they can concentrate on protecting classified information.

We provide the following courses.

  • Annual Refresher Briefing
  • CI Awareness Briefing
  • COMSEC Briefing
  • Initial Security Briefing
  • Insider Threat Briefing
  • NATO Security Briefing
  • OPSEC Briefing
  • Security Debriefing
  • Travel Briefing
2021 briefings are available.