The best security training solution for government compliance

Virtual Security Training offers the fastest and easiest security training solution for your company

  • We educate our clients on security risks and how they impact national security.
  • We eliminate the need to send your employees hundreds of miles away to attend training.
  • All training course materials are written by Joe Jessop, original JPAS Steering Committee Member and Chair of NCMS Education and Training Committee.
  • Our training courses come with printable handouts, high quality videos and a support line connecting you directly with a certified, experienced security expert.
  • A full reporting system allows you to print out employee certificates and track employee progress. Certificates vastly improve the visibility of the training your employees have, especially useful during DCSA inspection.
  • We also provide the service of account creation and management so your company can easily enroll and manage its employees.
  • Instead of the FSO spending time creating training, they can concentrate on protecting classified information.

We provide the following courses.

  • Annual Refresher Briefing
  • CI Awareness Briefing
  • COMSEC Briefing
  • Initial Security Briefing
  • Insider Threat Briefing
  • NATO Security Briefing
  • OPSEC Briefing
  • Security Debriefing
  • Travel Briefing
New Initial Briefing, 2024 Annual Briefing and 2024 Insider Threat Briefing are available.

For the year 2022 training we have updated our training to include 32 Code of Federal Regulation Part 117- NISPOM Rule, Security Executive Agent Directive's 3 & 4. This will provide guidance on the ever changing security policies. Foreign travel, reportable information, Continuous Evaluation and CUI are included in the trainings. All trainings have been reviewed by experts in the field. Virtual Security Training meets the requirements set by 32 CFR 117.12(h)(3) "Record of training. Contractors will retain records of the date of the most recent training (initial or refresher) and type of training provided to employees."