Some training courses come with an exam at the end. The passing score for an exam is 80%. Once an employee completes a training course they can print a certificate.

The contractor shall provide all cleared employees with some form of security education and training at least annually. [NISPOM 3-108]
Prior having access to COMSEC information, employees should receive a general initial COMSEC brief. [NSA Manual 90-1, Chapter 9] & [NISPOM 9-400 to 9-408]
Prior having access to NATO classified information; employees shall be given a NATO security briefing. The FSO shall be initially briefed by a representative of the CSA. Annual refresher briefings shall also be conducted. [NISPOM 10-706]
Prior to being granted access to classified information, an employee shall receive an initial security briefing. This class covers an employee's security responsibilities. [NISPOM 3-107]
The general OPSEC brief is included as part of the annual OPSEC training.
Contractors shall debrief cleared employees at the time of termination of employment (discharge, resignation, or retirement); when an employee's PCL is terminated, suspended, or revoked; and upon termination of the FCL. [NISPOM 3-108]
Before traveling to a foreign country, every employee must receive this briefing discussing security and threat awareness.